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In the era of CRT monitors, the most popular application for screen soft proofing is Sony's display. Although brands such as Sony and Mitsubishi have not deliberately introduced their own display products to the printing industry, they are relatively popular due to their suitability for printing. The Apple, EIZO, etc. take the marketing route of professional-grade products, cater to the industry's increasing demand for printing quality, and the demand for pre-press production and color management is getting higher and higher. Respected.

At present, LCD high-grade displays that can be used for soft proofing of the screen include Apple's C (Ten) em 10/23/30 inch display and EIZO's ColorEdge 18/1 9/21/22 inch display. And EIZO's ColorEdge 21-inch display, Apple's onema 20/23/30-inch display, and Sony's Arlisan C-down display have been certified by SWOP (Specializations or Web Offset Publications). In the interview, the reporter learned that people generally believe that these products are display products that can achieve contract-level screen soft proofing.

Apple Cinema Series LCD Monitor

The features of the Apple cnema 20/23/30 inch LCD display are reflected in many aspects such as widescreen design, DVI connector, integrated Firewire and USB interface, ultra-thin bezel, aluminum alloy, VESA wall mount and adjustable base.

Among them, the 20-inch Apple Cinema display features its new widescreen, which provides professional designers with a larger workspace; the 23-inch Apple Cinema HD monitor is ideal for multi-sheet layouts and videographers; and 30 inches The App, e onema HD display is more in line with the needs of professionals with high production requirements.

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