"Micro outdoor" RAX hand in China hiking day, live light heart move!

April 3, held by Beijing Daily Walking Center, "China's first micro-outdoor brands," RAX-sponsored universal foot day in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhaoxing, Chengdu, Changchun, Dalian and other areas in full swing. As the sixth national hiking day held in total, it coincides with the small holiday of Qingming. The event attracted a total of 1200 citizens from all regions to participate in and set a milestone for the whole country's hiking day.

The National Walking Day was born in the process of urbanization in China. In today's society, more and more people are in a state of high pressure and fast paced survival. The break of rest time makes the traditional "planned" mode of travel more The more you can not adapt to the rhythm of modern life, the journey will always compromise for work, but the health is deteriorating. In order to ameliorate this kind of situation and advocate nationwide walking and fitness, Beijing Daily Walking Center teamed up with RAX, the # 1 micro-outdoor brand in China, to fully open the "mass sports" era and take practical actions to the nationwide public hiking initiative - As a slogan for the sixth nationwide hiking day, I call on the state to use the second Saturday of April each year as the "China Walking Day." Promote the concept of healthy green life, mobilize the national sports fitness, promote ecological environment protection.

“微户外”RAX携手中国徒步日, live light 随心而动!

“微户外”RAX携手中国徒步日, live light 随心而动!

However, the popularity of the event truly proved the citizens' approval of the concept of activities and their desire to go out. Only 800 participants in one area of ​​Beijing attracted a total of 1,200 participants nationwide. "In fact, short-haul and long-distance travel are the heart of relaxation.This activity makes me feel that actually walking can also make the soul travel, this is the essence of travel." Participate in a citizen said.

RAX said: "'Live out of light' is our brand philosophy. During the early stage of brand management, we knew well that modern urban people long for nature and live light. So Light Travel Micro-outdoor came into being, This is RAX has always advocated a healthy lifestyle, and walking is the most common form of micro-outdoor performance.This hand in hand with the Beijing Daily Walking Center launched the sixth national day hiking activities, RAX to the actual action to National walking initiatives issued by the public advocate the whole nation walking fitness, environmental protection, promote the concept of lightweight natural life important action.

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