Men's dresses dress code

Dress is not exclusive to women, for men in terms of having several sets of dresses and reasonable use of different occasions, will also play a different effect. However, according to Xiao Bian observation, not every man with a dress is British impetus. Elegant, calm, courageous, domineering ... ... you want to deserve these adjectives, you also need to know more about under-dress knowledge.

1, dress code

In simple terms, the dress follows the TPO principle. The so-called TPO is TIME, PLACE, OCCASION, time, place, occasion. For this, lack of understanding of our clothing industry. International dress standards for men's clothing is men, women do not have too many constraints. This is the formal occasions, men's dress neat and uniform, and women's dresses are colorful reasons. Tuxedo, Tasmanian dress, Metz dress, decorative Tasmanian dress, etc. are suitable for evening gowns. So, T, P, O factors are related between the TPO is specific and determined.

2, dress time

Before the 19th century, Europe and the United States had early, middle and late dress up two or three times the habit. Macroscopically, the dress has the function of passing time information. In the international fashion industry, to judge the time through the dress is practical. The definition of dress time to night falls prevail, about 18 o'clock in the evening. Become a daytime dresses before this time, then evening dresses. Time also has an impact on the dress shape, day dress corresponding to a serious ceremony, evening dress to dinner, entertainment based. Different times dress style and accessories are also different, different lighting for the clothes material also has an impact. Therefore, the tuxedo, Tasman dress with satin barreled collar, and the morning dress with a plain collar collar.

3, dress code

The dress is divided into formal dress, semi-formal dress, casual dress. Level is more like a symbol, representing the dress code for different occasions. As a rule, when accepting important invitations, the invitations should indicate such things as white tie (a white tie means a tuxedo), black tie (a black tie means a Tuxedo dress), no dress Casual, belonged to casual dress). As a result, the dictation of dress itself is the only one, implying that its composition is stylized. Including the application of fabrics, styles, colors, processing practices, combinations of upper and lower outer clothing, accessories and matching and so on. Both belong to the evening dress Tassel dress to tie the black bow tie as the standard lower than the tuxedo, so the dress will be relatively flexible. Black suits such as the common suit, almost all-weather dress, it is casual level.

4, the practicality of dress

With the development of the times, dress dress standards and requirements are also slowly changing. Such as the tuxedo, today is limited to a specific ceremony, the classical band conductor, classical dance, luxury hotel waiter, may occasionally see the wedding. Morning dress the same fate. Can imagine, if such a formal dress in daily life, it must give people a sense of passing away. Globalization trend, the simplified etiquette will inevitably lead to a more generic and elegant dress language, dress more practical. Originally a semi-formal Tuxedo dress and all-weather black suit has become the mainstream of modern men's dress.

Light is useless, for people who love watch, watch how to match the dress in the dress is the key.

First, let's look at the tuxedo. As the tuxedo for more serious formal occasions, there are strict requirements in the choice of watch. The best match is the dress table, which requires the watch's dial is white, the dial is not too fancy things, do not need too much complicated technology; leather strap, as thin as possible, the square was elegant. Patek Philippe Calatrava series of platinum models can be used as a reference.

Followed by a Tasmanian dress. Formal banquets, prom, dramas, award-winning ceremonies, cocktail parties and more wearing tower-style dress. Slightly steady attire models can be used with the Taichi, such as Cartier tank or blue balloon series.

Finally, suit casual wear. Because it is casual, attend only some common occasions, such as business travel, conferences and so on. Often travel, it is recommended to wear a dress with the world when the table, the orientation of business when you can choose two places. The overall principle is that thin, low-key, elegant. Leisure occasions suit is based on personal preferences with. (Text / million watch world Fuxue Ting)

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