Light and strong, beautiful health Muse titanium kettle

When I went to visit Ispo, I went to Muse's place. When I had nothing to do, I went round and looked around at the pots and pans of my home. I found that titanium was really light.

In fact, I am not too sick of titanium, dead or expensive, a burning color, uneven heat, etc., I use aluminum.

Legend of aluminum is not good for the body, I think it should be no problem, when I was a kid to eat instant noodles is to take the aluminum pot to cook, and now it is not good - everyone says that titanium is completely harmless metal, how do you not use titanium pot Cooking ~

Some people say that titanium is lighter than aluminum, the density of titanium is 4.5, and the density of aluminum is 2.7. Obviously titanium is heavier than aluminum, because titanium is thinner. There are also other metals on the net that say pure titanium, but only rarely.

But I recommend this titanium cup is not the same, there is no paste pot and discoloration problems, but it is really light, and the glass is very beautiful, holding the feeling is really great, there is a kind of feeling you want to have ~

This mug is not insulated, if you let go of water, it is certainly hot, I suggest the ability to get double titanium! Titanium's strength is not comparable to other metals, not afraid of falling without fear!

The advantages and disadvantages of this product are obvious, the biggest drawback is that it is too expensive, actually 550ml to 400, I recommend it, you buy it does not matter with me ~

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