ISPO Brand 丨 Four Top Outdoor Brands of Flynn Group

On February 24-27, the 12th Asian Sporting Goods and Fashion Exhibition was held in the Beijing National Convention Center. The top four outdoor brands of Sweden's Fei Nai Shi Group were unveiled!

The booth design of the Fei Naisi Group still continues the Swedish minimalist style. The overall use of environmentally friendly solid wood structures complements the overall product style.

At the exhibition site, Fjällräven brought a new series of autumn and winter products, ranging from windproof jackets to polar cotton clothing; several new products featuring new technologies are the first to meet everybody. This season, Fjällräven first introduced HC-LiteTM The fabric is combined with G-Loft Supreme to launch ultra-lightweight cotton garments. The unique Eco-shell fabrics are also used in multiple series. The Keb Eco-Shell series, Övik Eco-Shell series and Abisko Eco-Shell series are introduced. Eco- Shell fabric is Fjällräven's original lightweight windproof waterproof fabric, does not contain any fluorocarbon compounds, can be recycled, safety and environmental protection, after testing, its water pressure (waterproof index) up to 30.000 mm water column, breathability up to 26.000 g/m2/ 24 hours, you can easily resist strong winds and heavy rain.

The exhibition site also demonstrated the use of Fjällräven's strict down-fence production process for high-quality cold down jackets and warm cotton padded that can withstand extreme cold.

Fjällräven's classic trousers collection and new trousers are also highlighted on the show floor:

The most eye-catching or popular backpack series for consumers, the colorful Kånken backpack, and the all-new Re-Kånken backpack with 100% eco-friendly polyester fiber, the Räven retro backpack, and the High Coast professional outdoor backpack. Debut at the show site.

German handmade outdoor shoe brand HANWAG brings a variety of lightweight urban outdoor products to the Asian market. Breaking the traditional outdoor shoe design, the style is closer to urban leisure. It is not only suitable for outdoor environments, but also suitable for daily wear. And many products are using GORE-TEX® waterproof breathable technology, outdoor features are still strong.

The 100-year outdoor brand PRIMUS's many classic stoves and water equipment products have appeared on the show floor. The new camping series products are based on innovative design. The functions of the entire area are deeply loved by outdoor enthusiasts, and they are deeply influenced by the market. The pursuit of the majority of camping enthusiasts.

The new camping product series was created by the Primus product design team in collaboration with outdoor chefs and gourmets. Each product has undergone continuous outdoor field testing to ensure that the product can meet the full needs of outdoor camping from materials, functions, and details. Primus's new camping The birth of the series makes outdoor life more fun and it will bring you more memorable memories.

The Brentton, a top American professional equipment brand born in 1894, is bringing a variety of mobile energy equipment. Solar charging panels, solar mobile power, and large-capacity outdoor mobile power are all loved by home fans.

During the entire exhibition, numerous professional media reported on the Swedish Feinash Group, and CCTV Finance Channel and CCTV Sports Channel interviewed Alex Koska, Vice President of Global Sales of Feinais Group for the development trend of the Feinaishi Group in China.

Many partners from all over the country also made special trips to the exhibition site to learn about the innovative products and development trends of the four new outdoor brands of the Fei Naisi Group. The crowds at the show scene are very exciting!

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