Important progress has been made in the study of the mechanism of sand and dust weather in China

Recently, two studies by scientists in Gansu have revealed the interaction mechanism of the elements of the atmospheric system, which has broadened the understanding of the trend of arid climate change. The research results show that the sand and dust climate can not only be finely monitored, but also benefited and avoided.

Lanzhou University and Peking University used the "Arid Climate and Environment Mobile Observation Platform" to analyze the measured data of the past 15 years and systematically carried out the research on the transmission characteristics of sand and dust aerosols, forming the "interaction of sand and dust with clouds and precipitation and the impact on arid climate. "Influence" basic theoretical achievements. For the first time in the world, the semi-direct effect of Asian sand and dust aerosols has been proposed for drought, which reveals the important feedback mechanism of "sand and dust-cloud-precipitation-climate". The typical mechanism of sand dust aerosol that can both suppress and promote precipitation is explored, and the advantages and disadvantages of traditional artificial rain enhancement operations are clearly identified, which provides a theoretical basis for the reasonable development and utilization of aerial cloud water resources and alleviation of drought in the north. The typical characteristics of the frequent occurrence of summer sand and dust storms in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau were discovered for the first time, which provided new ideas for the study of the effects of sand and dust aerosols on the weather in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the lower reaches. This achievement won the first prize of the 2012 Natural Science of Gansu Province, and was recommended by the "Natural Earth Science" magazine.

The results of the "Integrated Technology Research on the Occurrence Mechanism, Monitoring, Forecasting, and Impact Assessment of Sand and Dust Storms" jointly completed by the Lanzhou Institute of Arid Meteorology, the China Meteorological Administration, and other units of Lanzhou Central Meteorological Station describe the impact start, start sequence, and near-surface layer sand of surface sand particles. The process of particles entering the upper boundary layer and the free atmosphere; combining numerical simulation and vector field theory reveals the mechanism of the northwest sandstorm. It is revealed that the formation of strong dust storms is not only related to the environmental wind speed, but also closely related to the intensity of small and medium-scale cyclones inside the dust, especially the tangential rotation and the vertical movement speed. This achievement determines the satellite remote sensing sand and dust index for monitoring the scope and intensity of sand and dust storms, and proposes the potential forecast method and short-term and early warning technology of northwest sand and dust storms.

Huang Jianping, the dean of the School of Atmospheric Sciences at Lanzhou University, believes that dust is one of the most common aerosols in the northern region. These two achievements have enriched the sand dust transport mechanism, spatial regional characteristics, stage occurrence trends and quantitative monitoring system. Effective development of aerial cloud water resources, assessment of socioeconomic impacts, and formulation of countermeasures provide important theoretical basis and practical value.

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