How to identify the value of antique furniture

How to identify the value of antique furniture - in general, the value of antique furniture depends on the following five points: material, age, craft, category, integrity.

(1) "Materials". The usual arrangement is: "一黄" (黄花梨), "二黑" (red sandalwood), "three red" (old mahogany, chicken wing wood, iron wood, rosewood, etc.), "four white" (nanmu, elm , eucalyptus, pine, etc.). In addition, some people divide the material into "hardwood" and "cork", hardwood is better than softwood, hardwood includes rosewood, rosewood and old mahogany, and softwood refers to white wood.

(2) "Age". The age refers to the period of furniture production. Different periods have characteristics of different periods, and they have different artistic values. Therefore, the "age" is the most important value standard for antique furniture.

(3) "Process". The so-called process includes two aspects, one is the structure and shape of the furniture, and the other is the decorative process of the furniture surface, such as engraving, inlaying, sanding, etc. The craft is a factor that directly contributes to the cultural connotation of the utensils. For example, the Ming style furniture with the “line” as the main modeling means reflects the simplicity, succinctness and elegance. The craft also has a very common and often overlooked aspect, which is the polishing of the surface. Grinding to the wrong place is often an important issue to judge the pros and cons of a piece of furniture.

(4) "Class". Generally speaking, it is divided into hall furniture, study furniture and bedroom furniture. Among them, the highest artistic value is the hall furniture, followed by the study furniture. Bedroom furniture was originally used for practicality because of their hiding in the inner room, and the artistry was also poor.

(5) "Integrity". It is necessary to seriously see if there is any defect, whether it is filled in parts, and the jargon is called “smashing the head”, which are all factors that affect the value of antique furniture.

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