Hitachi develops new computer packaging jet printer

A new type of computerized packaging jet printer that uses non-contact printing method to rapidly print the manufacturing date, service life, serial number, batch number, trademark, and bar code of labeling and packaging products, has recently been successfully developed by Hitachi, Japan. Proof of use, the effect is excellent. Under the trend of high-speed production and automation, the identification and printing of end products for packaging production lines has entered automation. Traditional transfer or contact printing methods can no longer meet the requirements of high speed and automation. This computer-packaged jet printer has a 0.4-inch large-size LCD for Chinese operation. It is easy to operate and maintain, and it also saves supplies. Jet printer font size 2mm-8mm can be adjusted, can print Chinese, English, Japanese, the maximum printing speed of 2270 words per second, the ink solvent consumption is small, the printing cost is low, with automatic cleaning function, the application of a wide range of packaging .

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