Four main reasons for decrypting the stock index card holder 3000 (2009-08-28)

(Information source: Guotai An Market Global Financial Information Analysis System)

From the Cathay Pacific Markets Global Financial Information Analysis System, the pressure of the stock index near 3000 points is obvious, why? Ningbo Haishun analysts have four major insights:

1. Concerns about loose monetary policy adjustments. Although management has repeatedly reiterated that loose monetary policies will not change, under the fine-tuning of management, ample liquidity has changed significantly;

2. After the previous continuous stormy adjustment, the market is currently lacking confidence, and 3000 points is just a point that both the long and short sides can currently accept, so the stock index is neither up nor down, and remains stable;

3. There are too many chips stuck above 3000 points, it is difficult for the main force to easily liberate the whole of China;

4. The inaction of heavyweight stocks. When the market needs a leader to lead the market to clear customs, banks, steel, coal and other elephants are ignored, and sometimes even become the leader dragging down the stock index.

Based on the information of "Market Link", it is recommended to maintain a cautious attitude in operation and control positions, so that radicals can participate in certain short-term positions with fewer positions.

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