Fonts in the packaging design

Abstract : The visual expression elements of packaging design mainly include graphics, text, color, texture, and shape. Text, as one of the most important visual expression elements, not only carries and conveys the important task of concepts and information, but also displays its visual image. Rich in formal content. As a symbolic form of expression, the font has a very strong expression and appeal.

Font design principles on a package

The words on the package include the main text, slogan, and explanatory text. The text on the package has a clear semantic communication function. It is a description of the characteristics of the product. It focuses on the content of the design, and the font design on the packaging is based on the use of different font images and fonts and fonts. Reciprocal relationship to strengthen the communication of word semantics is the deepening of the understanding of the characteristics of goods, the font design on the packaging is focused on the form of the font, its originality and diversity of expression must be under the guidance of the CTS plan, Considering the whole package design, it not only guarantees the unity of the visual image, but also has some room for change.

(a) The unity of form and content. The expression form of the font on the package should be determined by the content of the text. The font design should exactly reflect the meaning of the content and the main features of the product, and strive to make the character and artistic style of the character consistent with the enterprise product. The artistic style is consistent with the meaning of the word. . To inherit the national tradition, we must use modern design consciousness and various expression methods to creatively design the typeface, and according to the content needs, visually express various elements on the screen, in a unique way to carry out creative ideas. Performance in combination to achieve a high degree of unity of form and content.

(b) simple, eye-catching, easy to read and easy to understand. The text has its reasonable basic structure and laws. This is the consensus reached by humans since ancient times. Font design must not only reflect the true meaning of the universe, but also pay attention to the unification of artistry and recognition. Designers can not arbitrarily change their structure and increase or decrease their strokes in order to simply pursue the artistic effects of the font; nor can they design puzzling fonts; fonts should not be too complicated and pretentious; they must also pay special attention to the use of calligraphy fonts. Easy to understand. Otherwise, it will not only make the text difficult to recognize and lose its proper legibility and legibility, but will also make the text lose its most basic function and cause the packaging design to fail. Therefore, in the packaging design, the text must use standard simplified characters. The font design must be concise, eye-catching, easy to identify, remember, catchy, and pay attention to the layout of the text in order to make the visual flow rate reasonable and improve its reading. s efficiency.

(C) beautiful and harmonious, unified style. In the packaging design, the text should not only be written correctly, but also must be beautifully written. It is necessary to pay attention to the epochality and artistry of the font. This beautiful and harmonious font can give people a sense of aesthetic pleasure, which is conducive to the full use of the font. The visual communication function makes the packaging more productive. The packaging should emphasize the systematicness and serialization of the design and strengthen the unified visual image design. On one screen, it is not appropriate to use excessively styled fonts, nor should it focus only on the local aesthetics. Instead, it should start from the whole, pay attention to the coordination and unity of the pens, the rigorous structure, the relationship between the fonts and the fonts, and the unity of the overall style. To enhance the expressiveness and appeal of the font.

Second, the font on the packaging design method

The fonts on the packaging should be rationally designed in accordance with the characteristics of the goods. Their creativity and expression can not only look for new ways of expression from the aspects of the essential factors of the font composition, the history of the writing, and the evolution of the calligraphy art (such as the Chinese character-building method. In the form of pictograms, dictates, etc., but also from the meaning of the textual content to find the font representation with its position. This search for creative design methods from the text-specific laws is conducive to overcoming the superficial and vulgar tendencies that appear in the font design process, thus further developing the depth and novelty of the font design. The commonly used font design expression methods are roughly the following:

(A) The decorative design of the font is heavy

Stacking, stacking, folding, linking, sharing, hollowing, breaking, mutating, segmenting, and other decorative techniques make various changes to the body or background of the text, so that the font presents novel and colorful visual effects. The most extensive variant of a word.

(B) The main manifestation of the visual design of the font

The law includes the addition of an image, the visualization of strokes, and the visualization of the whole. For example, a certain radical or a stroke or prefix of a word is designed as a concrete and realistic image to express a certain special meaning. In the design, attention should be paid to the proper position of the pictograph in the text, the ratio and the relationship between the pictographic form and the text. The pictographic form should be vivid, distinct and have a certain symbol.

(c) Imagery of Fonts Designing Fonts

The design can be carried out in two aspects. On the one hand, creative design can be carried out on the specific meanings of the characters displayed in the font structure or font organization. On the other hand, imagination can be given and added according to the meaning of words or design requirements. Creative art processing. This kind of imagery design can be blended into the image of the font with certain meanings. It has certain hints and symbolism. It can help people to better understand the meaning of the text and make it feel the design of the font. Interesting. It gives the font a strong idea and unique personality characteristics, fully reflects the power of textual quality, and has a strong artistic appeal.

In addition, designers can use computer design to make various changes to fonts based on the characteristics of the product and the needs of the creative. Such as flattening, lengthening, zooming in, zooming out, and tilting. Apply, overlap, mirror, twist, and create edge effects. Shadow effects, embossing effects, perspective effects, and more.

Third, packaging text layout design

Packaging layout design is a kind of design using various methods to creatively combine various visual expression elements. It can make organic links among various elements and form a concise, clear, focused, complete and visually pleasing information body. The layout of the text on the packaging should proceed from the overall design of the packaging, give the text a proper position on the screen, and use the formal beauty rules to create a creative overall design, so that the text and the elements of the layout design Variety, clearly defined, rich in change and harmonious.

(1) Orderly communication of primary and secondary information The layout of the text on the packaging should firstly arrange the primary and secondary information on the packaging correctly, and then use the rules of beauty, such as contrast, balance, proportion, rhythm, rhythm, and unity, to carry out the text. Scientifically, rationally, and skillfully arranged so that the subject information becomes the most eye-catching visual center in the picture, and the rest is a hierarchical and orderly attention point.

(B) Force Balance There are three main forms of force on the screen: fluid force, tension, and gravity. On the facade of the package, graphics. Text, color and other visual expression elements will have a certain connection with the role of force. Therefore, in determining the specific location of each element, we must pay attention to the rational distribution and orderly combination of various forces in order to achieve the balance of the force of the screen space. Blindly stacking all kinds of words and graphics on the screen can cause structural disorder or make various forces in a disorderly state, creating a lack of tension in the picture or being too introverted.

(C) Yu Bai's use of the text layout on the packaging design, we must not only pay attention to the white space between the font strokes, but also pay attention to the gap between the kerning, line spacing, but also pay attention to the gap between the word and graphics, but also pay attention to The overall spatial relationship of all the elements combined. Appropriate use of white space can make the screen dense, vivid, and visual flow more reasonable and smooth. Appropriate use of white space can also make the picture virtual and real. If the use of white lacquer in order to virtual imaginary or virtual complement, can make the facade of the package appear deep and powerful or angry flow, full of artistic conception. The proper use of excess information can also make the limited intuitive picture full of infinite imagination, while “knowing white and keeping the black” is more capable of making “no picture everywhere is a wonderland”, making the physical image and the blank part mutually dependent. They are in contact with each other and they are inseparable and unified.

(D) The change of point, line, and surface The combination designer can understand the figures and characters of different sizes as corresponding points, lines, and faces and make various changes and combinations, and make the design into a new whole. The shape, or point, or line, or face, text is also not limited to convey a certain idea and information, it can also play a role in adjusting and supplementing the visual effect of the screen, such as arranging the dense text into a gray face to harmonize the black Self-intensity contrast; or the text is arranged in a short and varied line, and the images are interlaced, interspersed, transposed, and folded in a multi-directional manner to generate a strong sense of direction, speed, and rhythm, and to enrich and activate the picture; or The text is arranged into lines, and the screen space is divided into different proportions to produce a certain sense of order, so that a variety of different forms are balanced and unified in the picture. When there are many words, the sentences are broken down according to the content, and the branches are aligned to the left or right or center to form the echo and rhythm of the points, lines and faces, so that the text and the elements are mutually integrated.

Different fonts contain a certain sense of form, representing the historical culture and design styles of different periods. In packaging design, font design is a very promising design element. It has not shown the simple reproduction of fonts in past historical periods. Formal beauty and the formalized creativity and expression that contain the specific connotations in the real world greatly expand the creative space for packaging design. Therefore, the design must be a brand-new perspective to further understand the font's performance in packaging design and its important role in the continuous exploration, research and innovation of font design on the packaging in order to make the font play a greater role in the packaging design. effect.

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