Five tips for collecting old furniture to restore the face

The rise of the classical furniture boom has made the old furniture that once fell in the old-fashioned market follow the "baby". People are rushing to "snap" these old furniture, which are both practical and collectible.

However, the collection should also pay attention to the health hazards in these old furniture. After all, most of these old furniture are old and often wandering around, and it is easy to produce all kinds of pollution, such as biological pollution of the original conditions of use, contamination of various parasites such as eggs and mites in wood.

In fact, for this old "baby", you can clean it like this. The following "five strokes" can't be tried, enough to make your ancient furniture look new:

The first trick: get the outdoor open space, use the natural sunlight to achieve the dehumidification effect, but also remove the musty smell caused by the age. It is worth noting that it is forbidden to expose to the sun in the hot sun, so as not to cause the furniture to crack.

The second measure: use a high-powered blower to remove the floating dust and dirt on the surface of the old furniture, but avoid rubbing with a damp cloth, otherwise it will cause damage to the furniture paint surface.

The third measure: You can apply disinfectant water to kill the eggs in the old furniture. It is worth noting that it is best to dilute a small amount of disinfectant with water, immerse a piece of cotton cloth in it, wring it out completely, and then wipe it.

The fourth measure: some old furniture will have cement paste, paint and other adhesives, which can be removed by physical means, such as fine knife scraping and grinding.

The fifth measure: If you do not intend to retain the original paint, you can also rinse with water. In the deeper scales such as sputum and sputum, you can rinse with alkaline water.

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