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In 2005 became the Omega celebrity ambassador Oscar actress Nicole Kidman

Since 1336, people living in places like France, Germany and Italy have had the habit of "watching time," when most of the public clocks were placed on the walls or towers of the cathedral until 180 years later , The German locksmith invented the clockwork technology, and use this technology will greatly reduce the size of the clock. In 1510, Peter Henlein, a watchmaker in Nuremberg, Germany, made these "clockwork clocks" into "palm-sized" pocket watches much more than the 1462 Italian watchmaker Bartholomew Manfredi "Huai Zhong" a lot lighter.

Since the 17th century, Pocket Watch has always been the mainstream. Aristocratic gentlemen place it in the pocket of the waistcoat. The bracelet is not in the second or third buttonhole. The ornamental effect is much larger than the timekeeping Features. After the men gradually began to get rid of the shackles of traditional concepts, the style tends to be concise, elegant, as today, the style of three-piece suit, but also men's social needs of life born. Dress, hunting and other popular in the West began to prevail in the community, the pocket as an irreplaceable functional clothing design is gradually being applied, when the clothing, men's designers will always consider the width and size of the pocket, Chain design buttonhole.

1964 Omega Frisson d 'Or Or Occult dial watch

However, most of the ladies' clothing did not design the pocket, so that the then Shu Yuan once unable to "wear time." The first lady's watch is based on French. In 1806, Napoleon's wife, Queen Josephine, ordered a special watch for the princess shortly before the divorce. Ten years later, the Queen of Naples sent an order to the then Breguet watch factory, hoping that the designer would take the form of a bracelet , Make a lightweight and with a bracelet effect "bracelet table." Two years later, this only Byzantine-style watch was handed over as the basis for today's "Reinede Naples" watch collection. Napoleon's Caroline Murat, the youngest sister of Napoleon, has long been a "fan" of clocks. From 1808 to 1814, in just six years, she customized 34 watches of all kinds to the Breguet, Before the custom watch, she had conceived a "belt watch" that could be tied at her waist, but eventually she came up with the idea of ​​a "bracelet watch" because of the inconvenience of watching time. For a while, pocket watches were seen as a "time tool" designed exclusively for men, while "wristwatches" worn on their wrists were mostly considered as women's decorations.

After the "July Revolution" in France, the changes in women's apparel in the era of Louis Philippe were not functional. Instead, they tended to be romantic in style, with corsets and bell-shaped skirts to lift the waist and people began to believe , Watch, bracelet watch and small dial enamel pocket watch is more suitable for such clothing with. It happened that in 1886, after improving the gears and the escapement, the Swiss designed the pocket watch cheaply, so the ladies began to behave as men. At this point, the strap brought the convenience of the invention has gradually emerged, people seem to immediately adapt to the wrist with the table brought convenience and arbitrariness in the dress style and social life changes, it seems that only dress To wear the pocket watch, more and more can not meet people's needs.

Since the late 19th century, the demand for women's accessories for the accessories has been increasing. Especially from the 30 years from 1898 to 1928, women's accessories kept updating their aesthetic taste from simplicity to luxury. This period of women's watches through the pocket watch, pendulum watch, pendant watch evolved to watch with the design of the ladies for the design, the details began to picky, engraving, enamel painting, precious stones inlaid and other crafts from this moment, was Into mass production of the watch making. It is from this time Omega is also officially started manufacturing ladies watch. In the 1920s, a pin-shaped watch with feather-shaped hands was born in the Omega factory. At that time, Paris had just held the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industrielset Modernes, In the age of watch strap watch has not yet been a large number of replications, unconventional women always think like wearing jewelry, "the time covered with the whole body," until the "First World War" after the watch was from the "military supplies" Become a general consumer goods.

Ladies watch after pocket watch, watch, pendant watch to the evolution of the watch

After World War II, many watch factories such as Omega began to make more use of precious metal materials to make ladies' watches. According to David Thompson, author of The History of Watches, "At the time many women's watches, At the same time with the decorative features of jewelry, the appearance is more similar to a bracelet with a dial embedded in. "In 1957, Omega launched the" tank "(Occitan watch hidden watch dial, and in Brussels 1958 World Expo in the" elegant hall "Jean Hauk, a Geneva-based designer, closely knit a gold bracelet with three Polish belt loops that resemble a tank track and have a dial embedded in it. Thompson said: "In the 1940s and '50s of the last century before the prestige of the jewelery watch, precious metals and hard materials were very popular. Even the themes of some watches seem to still have the shadow of war."

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