Common causes of ink drying

1. The old printing was not cleaned.

2, the solvent drying speed is too fast (printing speed and solvent evaporation rate does not match).

3, dry hot air hit the layout.

4. When the contact points of the scraper and the plate surface are mixed with dust, moisture, air bubbles, etc. in the printing ink, the ink transfer rate will decrease due to the decrease of the actual ink volume in the cell site. Some coarser particles may even be embedded in the ink. Within the cyberspace.

5. The precision and angle of electric engraving of the network points at the time of plate making will also be affected.

6, the transfer to the ink, causing the network is not enough or lost.

7. The quality of ink and solvent is also one of the causes of blockage. If the fluidity of the ink is not good, the printing viscosity is too high, the ink has been degraded or mixed into different series of inks, an inappropriate solvent or solvent ratio is used. Even improper operation when adding solvent inks will affect the transferability of the ink, resulting in blockage.

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