British development of multi-function labeling machine

British Grahamlabelling Systems Co., Ltd. has developed a Captain labeler capable of continuous operation and low downtime. It is suitable for the labeling of 0.5-6 pints and polyethylene bottles with a capacity of 0.25-3 liters. The labeling machine is characterized by its automatic labeling head changing device, and the double-headed model can be pulled on the labeling head film station, making it easier and faster to change the roll film. It is very practical for dairy producers who need to adapt to the different needs of a wide range of customers. The labeling machine can carry out label changes 60 times a day, and the towels can be changed flexibly, enabling dairy processors to look at 90 minutes of downtime in one day. In order to accommodate the limited space of the production line, the company also set up a small and compact labeler. The aircraft only has a label head, which only occupies 1875 mm of production space.

Captain series labelers are made of stainless steel, equipped with parts protection equipment and high chassis design for easy cleaning. A sturdy stainless steel membrane mounts the right side shield to prevent liquid infiltration. All chassis and drive motors are compliant with IPSS standards. In addition, some models can be designed for container labelling before filling the product, and the labeling speed is fast, which is suitable for the labeling of small-scale blow bottle production dairy products in the factory.

Source: Packaging News

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