Brief introduction of the reasons for PP and PE black spots

In PP and PE recycled materials, manufacturers will encounter many difficult problems, so today we will give an example. As we all know, some of the recycled materials are imported from abroad, such as Japan, the United States, and South Korea. There is a kind of PP, PE film, which is difficult to recognize by the naked eye. The transparency and smoothness of this film are better, but a small amount of black spots will appear after the car is put on the extruder, and temperature control is also appropriate in this process. And no other impurities are mixed in, so why is there such a black spot? The reason is that during the production of this film, due to packaging needs, an anti-ultraviolet coating is applied. The temperature of this coating will be decomposed at about 120 degrees. When the film is plasticized, this coating will be scorched and grayed. The black dots appearing above. This will lead to a reduction in the price of this film, causing losses to production. Therefore, some manufacturers must pay attention to this PP, PE film when purchasing, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

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