Brief description of the application range of the bilang vertical oscillator

Shanghai Bilang vertical oscillator application range.

The vertical oscillator can automatically complete the experimental process of liquid-liquid extraction and sample mixing. It has the characteristics of large amplitude, fast speed and time setting. Instead of manually shaking the separatory funnel, multiple samples can be processed at one time, which fully guarantees the accuracy of the experiment. Under the premise, improve the efficiency of the experiment, reduce the labor intensity of the operator, minimize the exposure of the operator to the chemical reagents, and ensure the personal safety of the laboratory personnel! The operation is stable and reliable, the noise is low, the oscillation frequency is adjustable, and the oscillation time can be set.

Scope of application:

Water sample extraction (for example: oil extraction in water; volatile phenol extraction in water); pesticide residue determination experiment; extraction of target components in food; extraction of heavy metals in soil; extraction and synthesis of organic matter;

Company Commitment: Quality Service Commitment: Splitting Funnel Oscillator

1. Warranty period of 18 months, free maintenance for life.

2. During the warranty period, in addition to human factors, any defects or malfunctions caused by improper design, materials or processes are repaired or replaced free of charge.

3. Respond within ten minutes after receiving the fault of the instrument provided by the user notification

4. Guarantee to provide the necessary spare parts and wearing parts to the user at the best price in time.

1. Suitable for pre-treatment of environmental analysis, soil analysis, food, water quality analysis, etc.

2. Use the rotary knob to adjust the oscillation speed of 50~300rpm, which is easy to operate.

3. Strong vibration above and below to get a bigger mixing effect

4. When the work stops, a sound is given to remind the end of the work.

5. The maximum load on both sides can reach 7 kg each

6. Center of gravity stable, no flutter, no movement, no noise separatory funnel oscillator

7. High and low adjustable clamps for containers of different sizes

8. Small footprint and high efficiency

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