Autumn decoration to do nine defense work

Fire prevention: Decorative materials such as wood, carpet, fabric, paint, etc. are all flammable materials. For this reason, the state has established strict standards, and it is necessary to select decorative materials according to the standard grade requirements. Fireproof materials shall be used for indoor ceilings, and fireproof or difficult fuel shall be used for wall, floor and base to minimize fire hazard.

Explosion-proof: Paint, banana water, paint and thinner used in decoration are easy to volatilize. Poor indoor ventilation, the gas volatilized by the paint is not easy to discharge, and is concentrated in the room. The volatilized gas mixes with air to form an explosive mixture with an explosion limit of 1.7% to 15%. Within this range, an open fire will explode. When the explosion limit is reached, a little care is taken. When the light switch is turned on, or the power tool is turned on, the resulting electric spark has serious consequences.

Anti-virus: Most of the main components of paints and waterproof materials are resin-based organic polymer compounds, which contain a large amount of volatile solvents. When used, it is often necessary to adjust the viscosity with a thinner to facilitate the construction. These thinners are highly volatile and diffuse in the air, making them the main culprit in workers' poisoning during construction.

Disease prevention: Nowadays, the temperature changes frequently, and the immunity of the human body becomes less strong in such an environment. In addition, various pathogenic bacteria and viruses are easy to recover in mild weather and begin to operate on a large scale, so the possibility of catching a cold is greater than that of the flu, and most workers are on the spot, food and tableware, The on-site environment is highly prone to disease prevalence.

Waterproof: First, prevent the water layer of the kitchen bathroom from being damaged during decoration. At the same time, it should be carefully checked whether the waterproof layer is in place and damaged. Otherwise, it should be repaired. Water injection test should be carried out after repair. If the location of the kitchen and bathroom is changed, be sure to re-waterproof. Second, some people arbitrarily change the water supply and heating system for the convenience of decoration, resulting in a lot of renovations. The third is to avoid running the water from the inferior upper and lower water pipes used in the decoration.

Hidden dangers: At present, there are many problems in the project quality caused by barbaric decoration. These hidden dangers include: randomly inserting holes in the load-bearing wall and removing the wall connecting the doors and windows of the balcony. Expand the size of the original door and window or build another door and window. Randomly increase the static load on the ground of the building; install indoor walls or overload ceilings, install large lamps and ceiling fans. Arbitrarily plan the top plate, drill holes, and cut the steel bars in the building. The balcony function was artificially enlarged and the overload phenomenon was serious. Directly bury or reroute the wires without wires, as well as residential facilities such as water, heating, electricity, and gas.

Anti-shrinkage: The humidity in summer is high, and the moisture contained in walls, floors and wooden furniture is relatively large; in winter, the opposite is true. At this time, there may be some problems due to seasonal changes, temperature and humidity. For example, the wooden floor shrinks, the gap between the board and the board increases, and the wall surface and the door frame have different shrinkage rates due to two different materials, so it may also appear. Gap, these are all normal phenomena that occur during seasonal transitions.

Anti-drying: The weather is dry in autumn, and the wood is placed at the vent. It is easy to make the moisture in the wood lose quickly, the surface is cracked, and fine cracks appear. Therefore, for high-end panels such as eucalyptus to be sealed, the moisture in the wood will not be lost.

Anti-lost: Wallpapers should be naturally dry. Nowadays, the home decoration walls are mostly painted or wallpapered. The autumn climate is dry. The wallpaper is usually soaked in water before being laid, and then the glue is applied. If you open the doors and windows at this time, let the wallpaper that has just been laid out be blown dry by the wind, the wallpaper will shrink and deform due to the rapid loss of water.

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