Analysis of the Principles of Color Use of Product Packaging (4)

Fourth, the color of commodity packaging should continue to develop

The color of commodity packaging should be able to attract consumers, and it must also keep abreast of the development trend of consumer aesthetics, adjust or change in time to meet the consumer's fashion requirements.

The essence and charm of artistic design lies in constant innovation and innovation. Without innovation, there is no development, there is no distinctive personality, and the color design of commodity packaging is no exception. Although the traditional tone with full of emotional factors has created good conditions for the success of packaging design art, in the era of advocating knowledge and opening up to the new economy, with the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, people’s aesthetic awareness is also constantly increasing. With changes, commodity packaging design should also show its own importance in the market economy along with the products. Enterprises should pay attention to and nurture the products and packaging design of their own companies, and study the new characteristics of the design under the new era and new concepts to make them Product packaging has become the "business card" for companies to go to market, to the world, and to consumers. In foreign countries, popular colors are already an information, intelligence, and an important means for commodity competition; in China, the use of fashion colors is also increasingly deepening and expanding, and the popular colors in society are constantly changing, such as emphasizing the simulation of nature. Sometimes the pursuit of ancient styles, the traditional rules of the use of color has been gradually replaced by trendy colors, in terms of the packaging of liquor in China, most of the years have mostly followed the design focused on red, gold tone, and now has begun to green Design tends to develop. Another example is the color of the car is also a life cycle. Take Japan as an example. In the middle of the 60's and 70's of the 20th century, colors such as red, yellow, and green were very popular. After the 1980s, black and white were very popular. In addition, colors such as orange, yellow, and purple are likely to become popular at a certain time. According to a recent survey conducted by the China Fashion Color Association on the automotive market, most consumers believe that black represents solemnity, white represents cleanliness, silver represents the atmosphere, and gold represents noble and different colors. Different positioning in consumers’ minds will determine The trend of different colors in the market. Now people buy cars, in addition to considering the appearance, performance, equipment and vehicle prices, the body color has also become an important consideration. Corporate marketing must predict and focus on changes in the market's color requirements.

The continuous development of color packaging products. It also appears to be in line with the popular practice of using color. In today's packaging color design, it is a popular practice to use color suits for the same product series. Color has become a kind of code, that is, a color code. Different colors represent different varieties and tastes in the same product. , flavor or specifications. For example, in the series of cosmetic packaging, pink means floral type, yellow means fruity type, green means grassy type, and blue means “pharmaceutical type”. In shampoo series packaging, red is dry and yellow is oily. Green indicates neutral.

The four tastes launched by the American “Wrigley” chewing gum are the green arrow of the mint flavor, the white arrow of the orchid flavor, the yellow arrow of the fresh fruit flavor and the red arrow of the cinnamon cinnamon. Manufacturers package the color series and match advertisements to constantly shape the character of the product: the green arrow is named as "Fragrant Arrow", which gives people fresh and delicious taste, which makes people feel comfortable from inside to outside; White Arrow named "Sports "Arrow" makes people feel chewed every day and can move their own face; the yellow arrow is named "Arrow of Friendship", which makes people feel that they can shorten the distance and open the threshold of friendship; the Red Arrow is named "The Arrow of Enthusiasm" and allows consumption. The person feels this unique taste, can make their own lasting enthusiasm, this imaginative coloring strategy, added the charm of Wrigley's chewing gum. The "Sulphur King" series cigarettes produced by Hunan Changde Cigarette Factory use deep purple orchid, black, golden, and color to distinguish different grades of this cigarette series.

The "Yipinmei" series cigarettes of Huaiyin Cigarette Factory use yellow, blue, dark red, gold and other packaging colors to indicate different prices for this series of cigarettes. The “Nanjing” series of cigarettes produced by the Nanjing Cigarette Factory use green, red, purple, gold, and other colors to distinguish the different grades of this cigarette series. Among these series of smoke. With purple, gold packaging prices are higher, other color packaging prices are generally or lower. The use of binning functions for packaging colors in commodity pricing can bring convenience to manufacturers' packaging and business sales. Consumers can also quickly distinguish which product in the same brand series they want to buy when they buy a product. The color of the product packaging should be consistent with the popular use of this color in order to ensure that accurate product information is delivered to consumers. Attract consumers.

In summary. We have separately explained the requirements for the use of color in the packaging of goods. These requirements will not necessarily be in the same position in the determination of the color of a specific commodity. We should ensure that we will focus on one type of requirement and meet other requirements. Strive to make color reach the purpose of attracting consumers. With the rapid development of China's economy and the maturity of the buyer's market, people's consumption levels have been increasing. Consumptive psychology and consumption patterns have also undergone significant changes, and the proportion of impromptu consumption has continued to grow. Social consumption began to enter the "perceptual consumption era." People are buying goods. No longer just focus on the quality and price of goods. Pay more attention to the beauty and personality satisfaction and spiritual pleasure that products can bring to themselves. Today, color is a universal language, which not only has the function of shaping character and opening up markets, but also has a huge promotion effect. Correct use of color factors for marketing. Not only can companies successfully achieve marketing goals, but they can also help companies gain a competitive commanding height in the market. Therefore, companies should break the traditional marketing thinking. Vigorously promote color marketing. To form a competitive advantage.

(Author/Xiao Bin Hunan Mass Media Vocational Technical College)
Source of information "Journal of Hunan Mass Media Vocational and Technical College"

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